Apr 11, 2011

My superhero's birthday .

Okey , Hapyy Birthday to you dadd . May god always bless you . Firts of all , ofcourse im so happy because you are my dadd (!) And so , i want to say I love you and i wanna wish you happy birthday againnn :p Hehe , Thanks for being my dadd . And thanks for making "family" such a beautiful word :)

This is a special birt
hday wish
That comes with love to you
It brings warm and heartfelt thanks
For all the thoughtful things you do--

It also comes to let you know
You mean more to me each day
To everyone your lives have touched
In such a loving way.

Happy Birthday
With Love

Location : The Gate Taiping
Time : 9.30 pm
Date : 8 April 2011