Mar 5, 2012

Exam week

Too lazy right now haa fatennnn ? Ayooo maaa .
It seem like i never post anything new kan ?
Trolololoooo !

Jen jen , jengg jengggg !

Haha guess what , this week is exam week . So as we know ; a week when you can see all human being study like mad-just tooooooo PAST and get A not A- or At *cakap untuk diri sendiri* Hahaaa . So the same goes to me , when i have to wake up early in da morning , studying like mad . Im just wanna be/trying to be on the middle , not top , not bottom , na na naaa just middleeeeeee . (not your middle finger :P) Dudeh , do you ever know what is a difficult situation ? Surviving just just juuuuuuuuuuuuust to be in de middle . Walaweh , haihhhh.....

And tadi ive just habes jawab untuk exam sejarah . Soalan macam $%&*&%^^ . Ape yang korang akan rase if study macam alien kelaparan then ape yang korang bace tu macam sia sia tak kelua !
Cekguuuuuuuuuuu ! Why awak so crueeeeeeeel membuli anak didik ? Bhrahahamaaha Im monster wannabe right now -.- Pape pun , nak buat macam mane kan dunia kejam , penghuni pun mesti mau kejam maaa .

Till here , byeee muachhhhh ! Ngeheee Ile Ileeee . Peace .
Ps: rest in peace :p