Mar 4, 2011


HMM heyya readers ,

Im so sorry for everything that hurted your feeling . Im not perfect at all . Sometimes i was lost and cant accept the realitives right . Sometimes i cant survive and hide it with smile while it is hurt . Everyone knows that women are the weaker sex ? So , they need ' lebih perhatian ' . Hati perempuan lembut sebenanye even se-ego mane pun perempuan tu tapi hati dea tak ubah macam gule-2 kapas ; manis dah mudah cair . Perlu dibelai hatinye . Perempuan perlu dimanje manje dan dijage hati dorag macam jage baby yag baru lahir . Jangan samekan dea dgn kawan lelaki you guys because dea bukan lelaki . So , jagan laa nak layan dea macam kawan-2 lelaki korag . Dea perlu layanan yag lembut habes xD . Kadag-2 bile dea sangat kecawa dea tak kan tunjukkan pade sape-2 . Dea akan cube hide it from his or someone else. Dan dea akan terus menanges even bende tu kecil punye hal . Mcam tu jugak la aku .

You are hurting me now . You take me down and you dont even know it . Why was everythg change ? Kenape mesti selalunya perempuan yag kene mengalah hmm . Wait ! do they miss you all the time Faten ? Do they think abaut the smallest things you say ? I didn't think soooo . But if you still doing anything that can hurted me , i dont mind it at all because i cant do anything accept MAY GOD BLESS YOU .

" Whatever you give a woman , she's going to multiply . If you give her sperm , she'll give you a baby . If you give her a house , she wi'll give you a home . If you give her a groceries , she'll give you a meal . If you give her a smile , she'll give you her HEART . She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her " So if you make me cry until She bcm mad no wonder you'll lost her . Every time i judge myself , my heart , so let me love me please please :D I belive in God cause He will always love and help me . Allah forgive all my sins . And you , please forgive all my sins too . Aku tak nak jadi mcm sorag nee , bf dea dah meninggal dan dea betul-2 mengajar aku untuk meghargai seseorag yag aku sayang . Jadi , sile lah hargai seseorag yag anda sayang sementara dea maseh bernafas :)

ps: sory , im not good in grammar .